Monday, 1 February 2010

First Oracle ADF 11g based product release

Since the beginning of last year we were working on a brand new ADF Based product for ‘Case Management’ called (surprisingly :-) ) ‘Axi Case Management’.
On the 18the of January we fished our first release and installed it for the first time at a client.
The deadline for this release is mainly responsible for the small amount of blog posts I made the last months.
The great news is that our product runs very fine in any way (performance, reliability,...).
I hope i can post the customer case of this product development on the Oracle ADF website soon. In the meantime can you find a whitepaper here?


Currently I’m also trying to run an ADF application on a JBoss server. No luck yet. But once I get this job done I promise to publish an overview of my work here.