Wednesday, 6 August 2014

HummingBoard Benchmarks: Raspberry Pi vs HummingBoard vs Banana Pi

2014-12-28: I made an updated version available on my new blog!

Today I benchmarked another competitor of the Raspberry Pi, the HummingBoard. This board is available in three different flavours: HummingBoard-i1, HummingBoard-i2 and HummingBoard-i2eX. The last one (i2ex edition) is the most powerful and expensive one, it’s also the one I used for my tests.

As you can see in the test results below the HummingBoard performs way better than the Raspberry Pi. It also outperforms the Banana Pi quite nicely.

Currently, the only downside of the HummingBoard is its price. For a Raspberry Pi you pay only $35, for the Banana Pi you pay around $50. The price for a HummingBoard i2eX is $99.99.

Note: for the tests I used an up-to-date version of Debian Jessie.

The full report is available here.